Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Joseph Ciarrochi

I work with both youth and adults. I have worked with professional sports teams, CEOs , and organizations.

I  help people develop flexible strength (also termed psychological flexibility),  the ability to utilize psychological skills in a way that promotes personal growth and builds valued action and peak performance. The psychological skills that support flexible strength have been given many labels, including: mindfulness, emotional awareness, value clarity, self-compassion, growth mindset, creativity, willpower, resilience, persistence, and grit.

I promote flexible strength using  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy , Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology . My core values are to:

  • Promote physical, emotional, and social well-being
  • Promote peak performance
  • Create supportive communities
  • Promote effective, value driven behavior.


I offer a wide range of workshops, trainings, and keynote presentations to organizations, leaders, schools, teachers, psychological practitioners, and the general public.  I teach concrete ways to increase well-being, social connectedness, and effective action.  I am a scientist, University Professor, and book author, and ground all my speakin[...]



I am an active researcher with numerous national competitive grants. My research focuses on three key questions:


1) How do we measure flexible strength.

2) How does flexible strength develop and change?

3) How do we promote flexible strength?



I have published a number of books that focus on promoting well-being and effectiveness in all domains of life. Topics include measuring and improving emotional intelligence, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training when used in a coaching context), and cultivating well-being.