Awaken, learn, evolve, become your best self

Do you work in a helping profession? Or are you looking to change how you or someone you know responds to difficult situations? DNA-V provides evidence-based tools to improve your psychological strength, and live an extraordinary life.

DNA-V is an intervention that helps you to:

  • Discover values in your life that increase your energy and passion.
  • Recognise when worrying and evaluating is helping you, and when it is hurting you.
  • Develop the skill to disengage from unhelpful thinking patterns and get back into your life.
  • Connect with the present moment and enjoy what’s right in front of you.
  • Use emotions as a source of energy and information.
  • Let go of unhelpful emotion regulation strategies that are wrecking your life.
  • Learn how to broaden and build your life, that is, expand your skills and social networks.
  • Develop a sense of self that is resilient and expansive. (Don’t let criticism and self-doubt slow you down. Don’t underestimate what you are capable of becoming.)
  • Develop strong, supportive social networks.
  • Manage difficult people.

DNA-V: Six foundational skills


Discoverer involves broadening and building your skills, resources, and social connections. You leave your comfort zone. You learn through trial and error.


Advisor is your inner voice – judging, evaluating, and guiding you to stay safe and act efficiently. It helps you avoid unnecessary trial-and-error learning.


Everything in DNA-V is in the service of value. The valuer assesses the extent to which behaviour is meaningful, fun, and personally important. The valuer often asks, “What kind of person do I want to be right now?”


Noticer involves using senses and body awareness to experience the world and detect value in the moment. It also involves emotional intelligence. This is the skill of using emotions as information and responding to emotions effectively, rather than impulsively reacting to them.


Self-view helps you break free from self-limiting beliefs. You are not defined by your past behaviour (D), feelings (N), or thoughts (A). You are capable of growing, improving, and creating a life in value. You are more than you know.


Social-view helps you build strong connections and manage difficult people. Other people are both our heaven and our hell. Social-view helps you to predict other people’s behavior (D), feelings (N), and thoughts (A). It also helps you to see how interconnected you are with all living things.

Try DNA-V for yourself

Life involves constant change. Your body is changing, your brain is changing, and your world is changing. Change can make you stronger, or break you. Which will it be?
  • If you are not learning, you are forgetting.
  • ​If you are not growing stronger, you are growing weaker
  • ​​If you are not “using it”, you are “losing it.”
  • ​If you are not adapting to a crisis, you are being broken by it.

DNAV will help you to grow and overcome crises and challenges in life.

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