Joseph Ciarrochi

Professor Joseph Ciarrochi is among the top one percent most cited scientists in the world for his revolutionary work on the development and promotion of well-being. He focuses on psychological flexibility, or what he terms “flexible strength”, a cluster of skills that can be used to promote personal growth and build vitality and valued action. Examples of skills related to flexible strength are emotional intelligence, social intelligence, mindfulness, psychological flexibility, nonattachment, grit, equanimity, wil-power and emotion regulation skill.

Professor Ciarrochi has given presentations and workshops all over the world, on how best to promote well-being and peak performance. He is a research professor, and all talks are based on the best available science. He works with a wide variety of groups, including people in organizational settings, adolescents, teachers, leaders, and members of the public. His work focuses on finding the best way to:

  • Develop character strengths such as courage , perspective taking, and flexibility.
  • Assess and promote emotional intelligence.
  • Help people live more vital, meaningful lives.
  • Improve social relationships and social functioning.
  • Create supporitive work groups and communities.
  • help people to persist at what they care about, and change their behavior when the situation calls for it.